Complimentary culinary experience

The Inn Breakfast

Southwest Michigan is the state's fruit belt and has the number one blueberry crop in the country. At The Inn we freeze over 250 pounds of blueberries every August. Breakfast menus highlight the seasonal bounty of produce from asparagus and strawberries to peaches and raspberries. A typical summer breakfast would include: Fresh Berries with Swedish Vanilla Cream Sauce, Lemon Poppyseed Muffins, Asparagus & Jarlsberg Swiss Frittatas and Baked Ham. A winter menu might feature: Country Apple Crisp, Sour Cream Oatmeal Muffins, Pumpkin Pancakes and Sausage. 


Foodie Heaven

Nearby Restaurants

Harbor Country has become a food destination, running the gamut of very casual to fine dining. Bill and the team take the testing of our local restaurants seriously and try to eat out as often as possible to stay current with menu selections and new openings. One of our favorites is Timothy's–the best spot for a special dinner or romance.

A full binder of local menus is available for perusal in our living room, but here is a sample of places we most often recommend.



Rotating daily delights

Gourmet Entrees

We make it a point to inquire about food allergies and medical dietary restrictions when taking a reservation, and make every attempt to accommodate what we can when we plan our daily menu. The Inn's famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are put out each day with lemonade in summer, fresh apple cider in fall, hot cocoa in winter and iced "sun" tea in spring. Every evening we serve Michigan wines and popcorn in the Great Room. Of course, as an alternative — or for those who prefer a lighter fare — a variety of cereals and yogurt is always available. No one goes hungry at The Inn! 


Mornings in the Garden

Our Outdoor Spaces

Wake up with coffee in the courtyard surrounded by our perennial gardens. With birdsong as background music and the warmth of the morning sun radiating through the branches, that cup of Joe will nurture body and spirit. In the evening, many guests take wine and popcorn outside for the soft evening air. 

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